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State of Scale (SoS) is Los Angeles premier Ethereum scalability hackathon and conference. SoS is dedicated to technical community development with a focus on scaling blockchain (read: Ethereum) solutions. SoS started as a meetup in August, 2018 and evolved into a multi-full-day workshop represented by the leading L2 researchers and developers of today. This July join us as we’re going to put learning to action in State of Scale 2.0.

State of Scale will feature sponsored bounties, mentors from leading L2 institutions, and speakers from the best of the LA Blockchain community.



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Layne Haber

Cofounder, Connext

Layne is one of the cofounders of Connext, an infrastructure layer that scales the Ethereum blockchain. She has been working in the Ethereum space for two years, primarily on state channels and state channel networks. Before diving headfirst down the crypto rabbit hole, she started a company focused on predicting bipolar episodes based on mobile phone patterns.

Workshop: ‘Scaling dApps with Connext’

Summary: Connext is an infrastructure layer that scales the Ethereum blockchain using state channels. Developers that integrate support for Connext can enable instant, low cost Ethereum transactions in their wallets, browsers, and applications. This workshop will teach you the basics of state channels and Connext's API, as well as how to create a custom logic for state channel transactions. 


Mo Dong

Cofounder, Celer

Graduated with a Ph.D. from UIUC, Dr. Mo Dong has been applying his research and engineering experience on networking protocol design, distributed systems, formal verification and Game Theory to scalability challenges of blockchain systems. Dr. Dong led projects revolutionizing Internet TCP and improved cross-continental data transfer speed by 10X to 100X with non-regret learning algorithms. His work was published in top conferences, won Internet2 Innovative Application Award and being adopted by major Internet content and service providers.

Presentation: ‘Lessons Learned Running The World’s First Layer-2 Generalized State Channel Network on Ethereum’

Summary: We are launching Celer Network’s alpha-mainnet, Eridanus, that marks that the world’s first Generalized State Channel Network. It opens up an entirely new dimension of blockchain layer-2 scalability with real-time and zero-fee interaction, instant micropayments and low-latency interoperability for dApps. Eridanus is small but complete. Along with the most advanced state channel network infrastructure and web SDK, we present CelerX mobile app that provides frictionless dApp UX. In this first release, CelerX let users enjoy fun and interactive blockchain skill-based eSports. In order to reach mass adoption for blockchain, we desperately need to lower the barrier for not only users but also developers. To realize that vision, we reveal the first of many upcoming “Celer X SDK”: Celer eSport Gaming SDK that is tailor-made for the tens of millions of game developers with ZERO blockchain experiences to harvest the power of Celer Network and monetize their games with as few as two lines of code. I am sure we will have a lot of lessons learned to share with the community in terms of user acquisition, retention, infrastructure operation, security and more.


Monetize your casual game into a Blockchain eSport Game with Two Lines of Code under 20 mins In this workshop, we will dive deep into the perfect use case of generalized state channel: eSport Gaming and learn how to build a fun, interactive, zero-cost and secure decentralized eSport game under 10mins using the tailor-made Celer eSport Gaming SDK. The Game built by Celer eSport Gaming SDK provides user experience as if there is no blockchain and provides a sustainable monetization path for the developers.


James Young

CTO, Abridged

James was part of the founding team and helped lead engineering at SpankChain, the first layer 2 dApp that is live and has users today. Recently he started his own company, Abridged. , honing the experience and solving the many research problems that implementing Layer2 production-ready apps require. James also worked on Moloch and implementing its contracts. 

Presentation: ‘Beyond Burner’

Summary: In Beyond Burner expands on the idea describing how to create an intuitive account management experience by utilizing a contract that contains multiple ephemeral (burner) keys. He likens this method to the Impossible Burger narrative, where environmentally friendly meat alternatives have become as good or better than the real thing. Beyond Burner describes the way counterfactual account contracts and burner keys can create an intuitive Web 2-like experience while keeping the benefits of Web 3. Come learn about the future of dapp UX!


The Abridged SDK gives developers of all experience levels standardized access to Layer2 scalability solutions and UX tools, lowering the learning curve and accelerating workflow.

Participants will learn about generalized state channels, contract based accounts, and counterfactual deployment with the Create2 opcode while at the same time building a dApp from scratch in 30 minutes with the Abridged SDK.

The SDK abstracts all this complexity and web3 specific technology behind an API that makes it feel familiar and easy even to developers who know nothing about decentralized technologies.
This is the key to reducing the steep learning curve required by the space and help onboard more and more web2 developers.

The Abridged SDK has a companion Playground that serves as interactive documentation, and is a showcase of excellent developer UX.

The SDK has been used in production to quickly build dApp MVPs in a few days, rather than in a few weeks or months with the normal Web3 stack. Therefore this tool enables fast web3 prototyping, allowing to get immediate market feedback and save time and money.


Austin Griffith

The man, the myth the legend. Self-proclaimed Everyman of Ethereum and creator of the 🔥 Burner wallet.

Presentation: ‘Here to let the 🐶DAOGs out!’

DAOs are a big thing in the Ethereum space today. Austin is combining his skills as a gaming developer to also advance DAO coordination. In his talk, he will present a demo of the MVP of the DAOG, description below!

“Gaming will drive adoption and onboarding in the blockchain space. Successful games will not copy web 2.0 games, but reinvent new mechanics that utilize web 3.0 strengths. Games should also emulate other concepts in the ecosystem to give us a sandbox to explore. 2019 is the year of the DAO. A decentralized autonomous organization game will empower a group of players to employ governance tactics to work together or compete to accomplish a goal.”


Eric Chung

CPO, Abridged

Eric discovered Ethereum in 2016 and learned how to write smart contracts in early 2017. He’s pushed technical blockchain education through the formal academic route as adjunct faculty at USC and the alternative coding bootcamp route as founder of DApperNetwork. He is convinced that the decentralization of features should be positively correlated to a user’s comfort with web 3, and is working to make this design pattern applicable by any developer for their dapp through his current startup, Abridged. He’s frequently organized developer meetups, conferences, and hack nights for the LA community.

Presentation: ‘Incremental Decentralization’

Summary: Today we force users to default expert mode when interacting with Web 3 (ie. must save private key, download Metamask, etc…). Acquiring more users necessitates a soft landing pad for them to immediately interact with dapps. As new protocols come online in the next year and a half, Ethereum’s viability as an application layer protocol will be challenged. Ideas like Incremental Decentralization increases the ability for Ethereum to compete. This presentation will include a live demo displaying apps that use some of the ideas presented in action.


Cameron Hejazi

CTO, Cent

Engineer obsessed with superseding the ads industry. CTO, Cent.

Presentation: ‘The purpose of blockchain technology’

Summary: Everyone in crypto will say something different about "the purpose" of blockchain technology. For the ordinary person, what purpose will crypto fulfill that becomes a mainstream use case? Some ideas from the team behind Cent, a social network built on Ethereum.


Austin Liu

Austin is broadly interested in zero-knowledge constructions for scalability and privacy. He started paying more attention to the blockchain space in 2018 while he was a graduate student in computational physics at Caltech. He has since put the PhD on hold but maintains informal collaborations with the academic community there.

Presentation: ‘Diving into Rollups’

Summary: The talk will discuss a layer 2 scaling solution called “rollup'', which makes use of zk-SNARKs. A zk-SNARK (zero-knowledge, succinct, non-interactive argument of knowledge) allows us to prove the validity of multiple state transitions efficiently (succinctly). Rollup outsources computation to an operator that can aggregate multiple state transitions into a single validity proof. We'll discuss circom, a DSL for arithmetic circuit and witness generation, how to use it to write zk-SNARKs, the current design of rollup, and future directions.


Eric Conner

Product, Gnosis

Working on product research at Gnosis. Also, building EthHub in my free time and hosting Into the Ether.

Presentation: ‘The Future of Smart Contracts and the Gnosis Safe’

Summary: Presenting on the power of smart contract wallets, what they enable and what the future holds for Gnosis Safe.



There is a convenient parking lot underneath the building that costs $16 daily. Ridesharing or public transport is highly recommended. The nearest public transport stop is 1 block away on Wilshire/Normandie, accessible via local bus (#18, #20, #206), express bus (#720) or subway (Purple line). Street parking is available in surrounding area, but read signs carefully.


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